Jit Team FAQ
Q: What is Jit Team? What do you guys do?

We are a services company concentrated on building and operating high quality, custom, enterprise-class software. We have a team od 300+ qualified specialists, who are capable of delivering complex solutions for demanding use cases. We have been active on the market since 2010 and we continue to grow offering stability and long-term commitment on the European market.

Q: So, are you an outsourcing agency? Or maybe you are a software house?

In fact, we can be considered as both or none of the above. We mix flexibility and effectiveness of outsourcing firms with deep technical roots, strong focus on high quality delivery and willingness to take the project responsibility, which characterizes technical companies.

Q: Where are you from? Where are your offices located?

We are from Poland. The headquarters are located in Gdynia in the region of Gdańsk – North of Poland. Thanks to an excellent network of flight connections – we can reach most of the European capitals and connection hubs easily and we often take advantage of this. Our second office was recently established in Warsaw, further expanding our outreach to bigger talent pool and more connections abroad.

Q: What are the key services of Jit Team?

Essentially, we have one service. We build dedicated project teams and offer them to our customers. Such teams are capable of delivering a full scope software project – from the initial idea up to the final production run.Depending on the needs, we can also take part in selected phases of a project – for example we can take care of the development only or the development & testing.

Q: What is the typical size of such a team? What are the key roles in a team?

The size of a team strictly depends on the project/customer. Some of our teams are very small, with only 2-3 individuals. On the other hand, some of them are as big as 10-15 people. For bigger projects, to maintain scalability, we divide the team and effectively run within 2-3 separate teams

Q: Do you do fixed-price projects or do you concentrate on consulting?

The pricing model has a very strong impact on the quality of the final product and the level of satisfaction of the customer and end users. In fixed models, where all of the key assumptions need to be taken into account upfront, it is very hard to fully align with the business goals and provide valuable outcome. Therefore, based on our experience, we no longer run fixed-price projects. We work in an agile way. We build very close relationships with customers. We keep our process fully transparent (every person and tool is visible to everyone). In such a setup, we offer theT&M (time and materials) pricing model, where the cost is proportional to the actual time spent and the pre-defined daily or hourly rate.

Q: What technologies do you specialize in?

Having more than 300 technical people on board, we can cover a lot, and indeed we do. We have specialists in most of the mainstream software development technologies with key focus on: Java, JavaScript (and other Web technologies), .NET, DB, BigData and mobile (native, JS-based and Xamarin). Currently we are building AI and ML capabilities as we constantly grow our technological outreach by attracting more people to the company and investing in internal R&D.

Q: What business domains do have competence in?

We have a very strong technology focus. We are experts in designing and delivering great software – crafted towards specific needs of demanding customers. Luckily, this allows us to maintain a very broad business outreach. We have experience working with banking, finance, big retail, infrastructure, utility, machine industry, logistics & transportation companies. We see it as an additional asset of ours: we are able to have a broader view on the problems and share diversified experience gained in very different types of projects.

Q: How long does it take to build a team with Jit Team?

Building a team is a complex process. You need to find the right people, provide them with a common set of tools, build friendly environment, set common goals, establish effective approach towards solving problems and communicating process, and much more. It takes time. Luckily, we are experts in this. Since early 2012, every single month, we have had new people starting in Jit Team and new teams being built. We constantly maintain our internal R&D department which is also used as a safe playground for on-boarding and training new employees... and matching them together. All this allows us to be effective. Typically, we are able to setup a mid-sized SCRUM team containing 1 product owner/analyst, 1 scrum master, 2-3 developers and a tester in 3-5 weeks.

Q: How do you find and recruit people? Is it hard for you to attractnew talents?

Due to the organic, constant growth of the company, we constantly recruit people. Every month at least 1 person joins. Thanks to that, we know the local job market very well. On the other hand, this requires us to constantly invest in recruitment, employer branding and marketing. We are present in many online and offline communities, events, schools and universities. We frequently run educational programs for juniors – internships, group projects for students etc. When it comes to seniors – wefocus on direct headhunting on social media and paid recommendations. We have a very streamlined and standardized technical verification process for candidates. The entire recruitment process is run by a team of internal, dedicated recruiters, with the Head of Recruitment reporting directly to the Board of Directors. All this shows that recruitment is our core business process. It is challenging but it does not limit our growth – it is our key strength.

Q: What methodologies do you follow in software development?

We are agile centric. We constantly practice key agile principles. We follow agile approach in all of our internal activities. When it comes to software development, we follow SCRUM as strictly as possible – with Product Owners, Scrum Masters and all the “holly” rituals. Yet, the focus is not on the process itself, but on the values – most importantly on delivering a measurable, business value to the customer, as quickly as possible.

Q: Do you offer services other than software development – for example: user support, IT infrastructure, QA, maintenance of legacy systems?

Yes and no, at the same time. Yes – we are capable of doing everything needed in order to complete a software development project with a success. No – we are not focusing on delivering services outside the scope of software projects, meaning that it is typically not wise to hire us if you are looking for datacenter operations, setting up a remote call center for users or fixing desktop PCs. The thing we know best is how to build your next software product.

Q: What is crucial for a successful cooperation based on remote work?

It is very important to have a strong, skilled team using the right technical tools and having a clearly defined process. Yet, our experiences show, thatrelations between people are the key to success. Software projects tend to get complex – many dependencies, changes, rules and parties involved. In order to understand all this, you need to relate to different people. And so, when you know these people and understand who they are and what their goals are, the workflow becomes less problematic. Therefore, we invest in
relations with our employees and customers/partners – we tend to meet a lot (face to face or virtually) to talk and spend quality time together.

Q: What are your key customers?

Nordea (leading banking group in the Nordics), DNV GL (global leader in quality control), VPS (Norwegian Central Securities Depository), LPP (one of the biggest clothing retailer in Europe), Boeing (provider of digital aviation solutions), Randstad (one of the leading work agencies), BEST Group (big debt recovery and finance management company in Poland& Italy), Signal Ocean (AI-based data analysis platform supporting decision making in the shipping industry)

Q: What is the typical pricing for your service?

Price is an important factor when relying on external forces for making software. We always specify pricing based on the specific project and customer context, and we are cost effective – taking into account that we aim for high quality service. In this general FAQ brochure, we are unable togive you the specifics. Please give us a shout and we will gladly provide you with the details.

Q: How do I reach you?