What's new with the Team?
March 2019
HR in IT
This was the topic of presentation and discussion organized by PPNT in Gdynia.
HR Manager in Jit Team, Magdalena Plewa, took part in the discussion and shared her knowledge on best practices, but also on most common challenges, in recruiting IT specialists.
February 2019
Inżynierskie Targi Pracy
The very famous Gdańsk University of Technology, once a year, organizes a job fair for future engineers. It is our tradition to take part at this event and present our approach and values to young people, who are just about to enter the complex market of IT jobs. Again this year, we did our best to make people realize that the most important factor is the human factor.
November 2018
Let’s Fly away with SAS
This year, passengers flying with SAS airlines have had many chances to get to know Jit! We decided to advertise our skills in the inflight magazine. It is safe to say, that we’ ve been travelling on business basically non-stop for the past few months.
July 2018
New office in Warsaw
We are totally in love with our new office space in Warsaw. This place will be a witness to many tremendous projects, we are sure of that!
June 2018
3LO Project
Teenagers in the world of IT - what could be the outcome of such a mixture? Something fresh and creative, of course! Read more about our cooperation with one of the best high schools in Poland. https://bit.ly/2KCccqd
May 2018
InfoShare 2018 – two very intense days, full of knowledge-sharing and networking. The lecture by Witek and Łukasz, our Jit stars, turned out to be a great success. Thank you, guys, for sharing your priceless knowledge on how to deal with legacy software. InfoShare, see you next year! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxnEphlf8TI